Through the Eyes of the Customer!wheels50

You may not realize how important it is to maintain your station — inside and out. Remember, customers talk to their family and friends and news of your clean, safe, well stocked site will get around. Here are ten simple tasks that will have a positive impact on your sales!

1. Excellent Customer Service — Focus on your customer service by making sure your employees are always attentive, courteous, and presentable. The reputation of your station’s staff is key to your success.

2. Stock Up — Selling at least the basics in your convenience store and always being fully stocked with all merchandise shows your customers you’re on top of things! All merchandise should be front facing and have labeled pricing. None of your customers want to see expired food! Make sure all products are current on their expiration dates. And don’t forget about your hot and cold beverage equipment which should always be clean and in good working order.

3. Inside Store Cleanliness — Your C-Store should be well-maintained at all times. Keeping your c-store up to par with always having clean windows, floors, and restrooms is a must! We all know that clean bathrooms are important to the customer. Make a strong effort to maintain and modernize your restrooms and, of course, your overall store appearance will help increase your sales. Make sure you have a daily plan to keep your c-store spotless.

4. Outside Store Appearance — Just as the inside appearance of your c-store is important, so is the outside! Dispensers, driveway, canopy, trashcans, and landscaping are the first things your customers, and all other passing traffic, will see. Make everything sparkle!

5. Dispensers And Gas PumpsBe sure that your dispenser nozzles, covers, and handles are clean and free of dents and damage. Check to see if dispensers are working and pump at a normal rate. It’s also important to have your credit card paper always stocked for the consumer in case they want, or need, a receipt. Always have required regulatory and operational decals present and in good condition. Always have windshield washer supplies available at each pump island. Garbage cans by the pumps can overflow quickly, so make a daily effort to empty all trashcans. Not doing this will turn a customer away in an instant!

6. Gas Station Lighting — It’s crucial to keep your site well lit and safe — especially during dawn and evening hours! This will prevent your customers from getting injured or harmed in any way. This also will encourage your customers to visit because they will feel secure, especially outside at your pumps during evening hours.

7. Gas Station Walkways — Always keep walkways cleared to provide a safe path for the customer. If repairs are needed on your grounds, make sure to contact the appropriate channels to get the job done right. During inclement weather always make sure your lot and your sidewalks are plowed and salted so there is no potential chances of injuries.

8. Promotional POP Materials — What’s better than representing your gasoline brand appropriately? Always staying current on your gasoline brand POP materials is crucial. These promotional items should be posted in accordance with program requirements and hung correctly. Your customers look at your promotional signage on a daily basis, so do it right the first time!

9. Store Marketing Materials
— Will your customer see that small starburst with the price on it in your storefront window? Probably not. Marketing materials that you create represent not only the items you are promoting, but the imagery of who you are as a convenience store. Make sure your marketing materials are tasteful AND fun! Promoting products and current promotions is a great additional way to add brand awareness. The customer will most likely buy your special if it’s advertised correctly.

10. Competitive Gas Pricing — Keep your gasoline pricing comparable, or below, other neighboring sites. It’s a great way to maintain loyalty and get repeat customers.  Everyone wants the best prices in town!